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Expert Transport and Logistic Services

FX2 Limited provides transport, customs and regulatory compliance, logistics, supply chain and operations management within the maritime sector of Nigeria.

Multimodal Transport

FX2 Limited designs transport plans based on a network of approved suppliers and then coordinates with the involvement of its international teams. With air and ocean consolidation platforms in every major international hub, we are able to provide a broad range of groupage and logistics services.

Our integrated information systems enable us to monitor operations in real time with true flexibility: tracking shipments and orders at key stages according to references and events specified by the customer.

Our air transport services include:

  • Direct and consolidated shipments
  • Urgent transport – AOG, 24/7
  • Aircraft chartering
  • Combined air/ocean shipping

Other services include temperature-controlled transportation, carriage of dangerous products, unaccompanied baggage, insurance of goods and much more.

Our ocean transport services include:

  • Full containers (FCL/FCL)
  • Groupage solutions (LCL /LCL)
  • Breakbulk freight operations
  • Vessel chartering
  • Transportation of rolling stocks

Other services include temperature-controlled transportation, heavy loads, industrial packing and insurance of goods.

Our road transport services include:

  • Pick-up/delivery
  • Container haulage

Our express transport services include international door-to-door shipment of documents and small packages with guaranteed next-day and five-day delivery deadlines, depending on the destination and local formalities. 

Customs and Regulatory Compliance

Efficient customs management and a total respect for the safety and security of freight ensures consistent fluidity of the logistics chain. 

If these areas are not kept under tight control, they can cause delays in delivery, customs complications and an increase in costs. FX2 Limited holds many customs, security and safety certifications and is regularly audited by official agencies and governmental organisations. 

FX2 Limited is licensed as a customs clearance agent in most countries.

Our customs brokers are experts in a wide range of activities. This expertise is constantly updated by monitoring applicable customs regulations and through professional training programs. 

We see compliance as an opportunity for driving forward innovating change by:

  • Mastering the relevant functions for all types of customs systems
  • Advising our customers on how to minimize duties payable
  • Helping our clients implement conventions with customs administrations (simplified and/or pre-paid for ex.)
  • Developing tailored IT solutions and by encouraging the use of EDI (electronic data interchange)

FX2 carries out its customs operations in real time and with full traceability. Our customized approach includes:

  • Analysing the various customs flows from functional, documentary, financial and regulatory perspectives
  • Defining objectives for improvement such as financial gains, tighter risk management and reduced litigation, better customer service
  • Formalising action plans in various areas including customs regulations, procedures, customs systems, implementation of conventions, etc. 


Warehousing is an integral component of the supply chain and an area in which FX2 Limited has developed specific expertise. 

The first function the warehouse has to perform is looking after stocks in order to supply production lines and/or to meet orders placed by end-customers.

Receiving products from factories and suppliers includes:

  • Quality and quantity controls upon arrival
  • Managing stocks in accordance with the management rules defined for monitoring products (e.g. use-by date, FIFO, management by serial number)
  • Inventory control (complete inventory or permanent inventory)
  • Identification of ownership of goods, e.g. supplier managed inventory, consignment stock, storage of bonded goods

We prepare customers’ orders in a variety of modes (e.g. pushed flows, synchronised, just-in-time, Kanban, etc.) including:

  • Preparation of homogeneous and mixed content, selective or bulk picking
  • Cross-docking or merge-in-transit
  • Quality control
  • Monitoring the level of urgency of orders (e.g. AOG, spare parts).

Reverse logistics:

  • Sorting upon receipt, in accordance with defined criteria
  • Testing for operability
  • Managing quality status
  • Organizing the destruction of goods with approved partners

Our services can create a real competitive advantage for our customers such as:

  • Postponement by operations to be carried out on products (the addition of a component, for example) or by labelling (e.g. promotion, production of vignettes or a change of language), to increase flexibility and facilitate adaptation to local markets.
  • Inkjet print on the finished product, to ensure constant traceability
  • Co-packing (promotional gifts, creation of batches)
  • Kitting: management of nomenclature (compounds – components)
  • Assembly, with the setting up of display shelves and promotional operations.
  • Engineering of packaging to cut costs (less volume and weight to be transported, better product protection)

Supply Chain 

FX2 Limited has broadened the scope of its supply chain services in response to our customers’ objectives which include cost optimisation, a reduction in inventory and the improvement of service levels. Our supply chain services offer a combination of our specific skills and proven methods in the fields of transportation and logistics.

Consultation and analysis at the solution design stage determines the scope for FX2 Limited commitment, involving:

  • Precise profile of supply chain structures
  • Design of potential scenarios, culminating in a target solution chosen in collaboration with the customer

FX2 Limited integrates the solution, with the implementation of dedicated teams for the launch of operations including:

  • Customer constraints will be taken into account assisted by appropriate third parties.
  • This stage also includes the integration of information systems adapted to the requirements of the target solution.

FX2 Limited provides management of customer and supplier partnerships, with particular emphasis on order management processes and tools such as:

  • FX2 is able to calculate customers’ needs and supply levels based on agreed management rules.
  • Day-to-day management of the operational relationship, strengthening the commercial ties between the manufacturer/distributor and the end customers/suppliers – no matter where the manufacturer/distributor is located. 

Our operations management includes:

  • Planning the flow of goods
  • Centralised management of subcontractors as the LLP (Lead Logistics Provider)
  • “Dynamic” traceability of operations – which includes alert management via alternative scenarios and backup plans.

These operations are handled by a dedicated team of experts, communicating directly with the customer’s teams. Performance indicators and monitoring systems are set up to ensure an ongoing process of continuous improvement within the framework of the objectives defined by the customer.

Ethics and Sustainable Development

An ethical, responsible approach based on the values set out in the Code of Business and shared by every division of the FX2 Limited, particularly respect for the individual, social dialogue, respect for the environment and reduction of our environmental footprint, and respect for laws and standards.

FX2 Limited’s activities are underpinned by its strict adherence to the General Code of Business Conduct for subsidiaries of the FX2 Limited transportation divisions. This means that FX2 promotes positive measures in terms of safe transportation, the health and safety of its employees, preventing corruption, respecting rules governing competition and protecting the environment.

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